How would you describe Asher in The Giver?

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Asher is one of Jonas's closest friends in Lois Lowry's celebrated novel The Giver. Asher is depicted as a carefree, fun-loving child who is unique and quite different from his peers. He has a tendency to talk too fast and continually mixes things up, which is why he is constantly giving public apologies to his peers.

In addition to his speech difficulties, Asher also struggles with his coordination and is required to play catch as part of his occupational therapy. Jonas also mentions that Asher seems to make a game out of everything and never takes anything seriously. Asher has an easy-going personality and is quite humorous.

As a child, Asher struggled with language acquisition and would often confuse the word "smack" for "snack." Unfortunately, he was continually beaten with the discipline wand every time he mispronounced the word until he stopped speaking altogether. He remained silent for an extended period of time but eventually had learned to use precise language. This unsettling story reveals that Asher was subjected to physical abuse as a child for his inability to use precise language, which creates sympathy for his character.

During the December Ceremony, Asher is assigned to be the community's Director of Recreation, which perfectly fits his personality. After Jonas is selected to be the community's Receiver of Memory, he becomes distant from Asher and develops a close relationship with the Giver.

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