How would you define the following terms: bravery, adulthood, consumer culture, violence, and art?

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All of these terms can be defined in very different ways, so individual definitions might be quite distinct from those of other people.

"Bravery" is human characteristic that allows people to face and endure difficult situations without backing down or falling apart. Being brave doesn't mean not feeling fear; rather, it means facing fear.

Some people define "adulthood" simply by age. When one turns eighteen or twenty-one, one enters into adulthood. Others, though, define adulthood as the stage when people reaches a sufficient level of maturity to support themselves in the world and to cope effectively with whatever life brings.

We certainly live in a "consumer culture," meaning that buying and selling are at the center of many people's lives. We are surrounded by advertisements that tell us that we need all kinds of different things that we never knew we needed (and probably don't actually need).

"Violence" occurs when someone acts in such a way as to harm or even kill someone or something. Violence can be directed at other people, at other living creatures, or even at one's self.

People have been struggling to define "art" for centuries. Art involves creative and imaginative expression through many different mediums, including painting, sculpture, music, and literature.

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