How would you define socio-economic adversity?What is an example?

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There are a few different ways and contexts in which socioeconomic adversity can be expressed.  First, let's define socioeconomic.  This means the level in which a family lives according to their income,  occupation and level of education.

Socioeconomic adversity, then, involves those living in the lower level of socioeconomic status who typically fall below the poverty level of income,have a high school education or less, and work low-paying, often minimum wage jobs.

The reason we study socioeconomics and adversity is because there is a link between the socioeconomic status of an individual and a whole range of other issues, from personal health (poor nutrition and lack of medical care impact peoples health over the long run) and safety issues to a cycle of poverty, to the likelihood that children in this adversity will also end up with low education and wages.


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