How would you define "Jazz" by Toni Morrison Afro-Centric? Thanks

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like so much of Morrison's work, there is a dominant presence of articulating the African- American experience.  The setting of the Harlem during the Jazz Age and the South in the 1800s brings to light what it means to be African- American in the urban North and the rural South.  Both settings become quite important in identifying what it means to be Black in American History.  This would make the novel one that seeks to bring formally marginalized voices that have been pushed to the margins into the center of the discourse, giving voice to where there had been silence.  I would argue that this is what helps to make works like this post Modern, in that that seek to reconfigure a new discourse, one that is more inclusive and more representative of the figments and fragments of what had been previously cut off from understanding.

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