What is a good definition of the workforce being satisfied and committed? 

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For a company's workforce to become satisfied and committed you, as an organizational leader, should provide your employees with a series of basic needs and additional perks that go hand in hand with making them feel as a valuable part of the organization.

  • on the job training opportunities
  • opportunities to grow professionally (ranking)
  • chances for social events that build camaradrie and esprit de corps
  • remuneration for services in the form of bonuses or extra duty
  • building safety and security
  • comprehensive health care plans

The 2006 edition of Brand Republic News cites a very important phrase said by an HR consultant in view of the current trend of people switching jobs after less than a year.

Identifying a person's career potential and judging how fast they should progress is vital...

This means that it is up to the organization to honor and value the talents that employees bring from outside of the job. Hence, a responsible and caring leader will tap on all potential skills of each employee and will help them excel at what they do. When the corporation only aims to produce in high quantity with low attention to job or product quality, it is more than likely going to suffer the exodus of young, up, and coming Millennial employees which prefer to employ their time and skills in something much more worthwhile.