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How would you compare the neighbors in Robert Frost's "The Axe Helve" and "Mending Wall"?

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These are two very interesting poems to compare. In both, the speaker narrates some kind of interaction that he has with two neighbours, but the precise nature of these interactions are very different as we come to discover.

In "Mending Wall," the scenario is that the speaker is walking the edge of his land on one side and his neighbour is walking on his side of the edge of their land. As they go, they repair the wall. However, when they get to a part of the land where it is obvious where the boundary line lies and no harm can be caused by not having a wall, the neighbour only responds by saying "Good fences make good neighbours." This causes the speaker to question this assumption, arguing that whenever we build a wall we wall someone or something in and, conversely, someone or something out, which may cause offence. The description of his neighbour is particularly interesting:

I see him...

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