How would you compare Miranda from Shakespeare's The Tempest to Eve from Milton's Paradise Lost?

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Miranda from Shakespeare's The Tempest is the only woman in Wiliam Shakespeare's this play.Eve from Milton's Paradise Lost is the lady protagonist of John Milton's this epic.Miranda is inocent and so is Eve.Miranda is in touch with and in fact she has seen only 1 man from childhood to youth n he is Miranda's father until she sees Ferdinand.Eve had also seen just Adam as Adam had been the only man on earth at that time.Both Miranda&Eve were obedient&both of them behaved respectfuly towards the two men important in their lives namely Prospero&Adam respectively.But both the ladies comited mistakes by disobedience due to temptation.Despite Prospero having punished Miranda's lover by ordering him to work alone she had started hekping him out out of pity.In spite of Adam not wishing to taste The Forbiden Fruit his beloved tempted him to do so going against The Divine Wil of tasting the fruits of all the trees in the Garden of Eden except those of the Tree of Knowledge.They proved to be in a sense tradition-breakers of their respective times.Thus these two are similar to each other.

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