How would you compare Laux's "The Life of Trees" to Brewster's "Where I Come From"?

epollock | Student

“The Life of Trees,” by Laux, and Brewster’s “Where I Come From” both deal with speculations about a quality of life that is less complicated and more natural than the urbanized lives we live today. Almost through necessity, therefore, both poems stress some of the ways of Nature. Laux devotes more lines to an accurate and interesting description of inanimate trees while at the same time attributing certain animate qualities to them. Brewster is less detailed, and concludes her poem enigmatically with the reference to the door of the mind being blown open. It is fair to say that the two poems share in the traditional pastoral impulse, though it would not be correct to say that they are conventional pastoral poems. If one would like to retain the term “pastoral,” it might work to say that they are “modern pastoral poems.”