How would you compare the characters Stella and Blanche in Tennessee Williams' play A Streetcar Named Desire?

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In Tennessee Williams's classic play A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche DuBois arrives at her sister's home in New Orleans, where Stella lives with the violent, unrefined Stanley Kowalski. Blanche is diametrically opposed to Stanley, and Stella's character acts as a bridge to bring their two worlds together. In the play, Blanche is portrayed as a traumatized, delusional romantic who behaves like a polite, refined Southern Belle. Blanche carries herself like an aristocrat, believes that she is superior to others, and is severely critical of Stanley. In contrast, Stella is depicted as a more grounded, stable woman who is content with her life. On the surface, Stella is significantly more in touch with reality than her sister. However, Stella also demonstrates delusion by refusing to believe that Stanley raped Blanche, which makes her just as ignorant to reality as her mentally unstable sister.

Blanche is also significantly more imaginative and creative than Stella. She has the ability to...

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