How would you compare Antony and Brutus? Could you compare and contrast either of the following chararcters in Julius Caesar? Antony and Brutus thank you.

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Although both Antony and Brutus are friends to Caesar, it is Brutus who is easily swayed. Brutus says he loves Caesar, but he loves Rome more. He is easily convinced that Caesar would cause harm to Rome, but what he doesn't see is that Cassius's motives are not for the good of Rome. Cassius dislikes Caesar as a man. He is jealous of Caesar's power and is able to quickly convince Brutus that Caesar would be a dangerous ruler for Rome. Antony, in contrast, cannot be swayed from his support of Caesar. He sees the good that Caesar has done for Rome and cannot be convinced otherwise. Brutus lacks the power of persuasion that is a gift to Antony. Even after Caesar's death, it is Antony who convinces an angry mob against Caesar that Caesar was truly good to the people and provided for them upon his death. It was the power of Antony's words that turned the people against Brutus and the other conspirators, which eventually led to war. Although both Antony and Brutus cared for Caesar, it was Antony who had true genuine love for Caesar. It was also Antony who used his gift of speech to turn the people into an angry mob against all the conspirators. Antony planned his moves very carefully; Brutus made decisions based upon the words of others, not on what he actually saw and experienced.

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