How would you characterize the father/son relationships in the play Fences?

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Troy Maxson's relationships with both of his sons can be characterized with complexity and antagonism. Troy Maxson is portrayed as a bitter man who resents the fact that he was not given the opportunity to play major league baseball in his prime because he was black. Troy resents white America for his lack of success and does not want his youngest son, Cory, to experience the same challenges.

Troy prohibits Cory from accepting a football scholarship and demands that he continue working at the local A&P supermarket. Cory believes that his father is preventing him from succeeding in sports out of spite and resents him. Although Cory admits that he only wanted to be like his father growing up, he struggles to forgive Troy for ruining his chances of playing football in college.

Troy's relationship with Lyons is also hostile and complex. Troy does not approve of Lyons's lifestyle and criticizes him for continually asking to borrow money. Troy is dismissive of Lyons and will not even watch his...

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