How would you characterize the events in the story?How is the story driven? Chronological? By Suspense, etc?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The narrative style of the story reflects its subject.  The narrator is enduring post- partum depression and the construction of this narration reflects this.  Lacking is the third person, omniscient, and teleological narration which gives a driving forces of subject and chronology.  This is effective given the subject matter because there is little that the narrator can take absolute, enhancing the notion that her condition is not something "easy" to solve, or something where sole "rest" is needed.  Rather, the unnamed narrator- notice we don't even really know her name, indicating that even something as supposedly absolute as a name is not present- tells the story through her experiences.  There is a suspenseful aspect to this narration, but it is not exhibited in the traditional sense where there is definite apex of tension and lucid resolution.  Rather, this narration is one that seems to reveal greater insight into her condition and the suspense might lie in how further out of reach she is from others as they fail to fully grasp her condition, her state and condition.

One aspect which is clearly evident throughout her narration is the narrator's demand of voice and establishment of her sense of self.  Her resistance is a consistent theme throughout the narration.  We see this when she wants to write, sneaks a journal, or asks to go outside.  This defiance is enhanced when she starts to construct her own self image on the wallpaper, tearing it down, and even locking the door, waiting for her husband, almost tauntingly inviting him to see what he has created.

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