What are the different characteristics of the Democrats and the Whigs on a wide range of issues? How did regional difference matter?

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chickflik999 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Democrats wanted a confederation that loosly connected the states, while the Whigs wanted a stronger union. These groups also differed in their thoughts about the economy. The Democratics wanted a more "laissez-faire" economy and wanted only state and local banks, not a national bank. On the other hand, the Whigs wanted a national bank as well as a national currency. The Whigs were nationalists and wanted to develop large buisnesses, while the Democrats were supportive of the farmers.

Regional difference plays a great role in the differance of opinions between the Whigs and the Democrats. Most of the Democrats were located in the South, which meant that they were mostly farmers and immigrants. As a result, the Demorats wanted to be more independent and to develop an economy that allows fartmers to thrive. Most of the Whigs were located in the North, and they were entrepeuners. As a result, the Whigs wanted to form an America that support businesses and commerace.