How would I write a two page ode about Snapple Iced Tea?two page minimum

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Odes can often be medium-length, and two pages is not too long for an ode.  Odes are simple lyric poems, and can be serious or humorous.  In general, an ode is a poem celebrating something.  I would begin by reviewing a few different kinds of odes before writing my own.  You will need to decide what the tone of your poem will be, such as celebratory or satirical (funny).

If you were to write a poem on Snapple Iced Tea, I would start by brainstorming as many adjectives as you can about the tea and listing them.  For example, you could say that it is cool or sweet or tangy.  Then, take some of those descriptive words and compose them into phrases, such as “cool going down my throat” and “tangy on my tongue” for starters.  Then, add these lines together in order.  You will have most of your poem!


clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In high school I had a hobby of writing silly poems (odes, if you will) about the things and people I loved.  Almost all of them were humorous and almost all of them were written in rhyming couplets.  The nature of your topic almost lends itself to be humorous.  I agree with a quick list of brainstormed ideas, and things which you could include in your description of the tea.  Another tool I often use in such creative endeavors is to take a seemingly silly topic (like Snapple Tea) and tell a story about it, rather than write something typical or expected.  Do you have a particularly memorable experience with friends where you happened to be drinking Snapple?  This would be one twist on the topic that might be more interesting.

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It might be easier to take a satirical point of view.  You could write something grandiose about how snapple saved the day.  Or, you could keep it simple and write about how great snapple is.  If you don't like snapple, you might want to write about how great it was that you didn't have to drink the snapple.  As long as you are following the general form of an ode, have some fun with it.