How would I write a letter to the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu?

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Writing a letter to Pharaoh Khufu would not be very difficult.  Since very little is known about his reign as pharaoh, your letter could ask him just about anything.  I would try to find out how he interacted with foreign countries sinc that is something that interests me.

Since his father (Sneferu) was pharaoh before him you could ask him what he learned from his predecessor about being the pharaoh.  What qualities that his father had as ruler did Khufu respect?  You could ask him what ways he wanted to be different from his dad as the ruler of Egypt.

One thing that is known about Khufu is that he was responsible for building the Great Pyramid at Giza. You could definitely focus some questions about this ancient wonder of the world.  I would attempt to discover what motivated him to spend such great effort on a monument for himself.  I would also ask him what organizational challenges did the construction present and how he was able to overcome these challenges.  A great portion of your letter could be spent discussing the pyramid.

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