How would I write an introductory paragraph for a literary analysis using the thesis statement, "Grace is for everyone, even the loathsome?"

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A literary analysis essay is, simply, an exploration of what a piece of text is all about. To get started, think of the thesis statement you are working with as a roadmap for your introductory paragraph. Your intro paragraph will then be the roadmap for the rest of the essay.

You can break your thesis statement into two parts to start developing the paragraph. First is the concept "Grace is for everyone." That is a broad, general statement, and it is one of the themes of the short story. You can say this in one of your sentences. You can go a little further and explain what "grace" means, according to the story.

Next, you can describe any of the characters in the story that are "loathesome." (This should be pretty easy to do.) Once you have done this initial work, you will probably have a good four or five sentences for your introduction.

Now you are ready to take those sentences in your introduction and turn each of them into a topic sentence for a development paragraph!

Good luck!

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