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How would I write an article about intervention in the social care field?

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The first step in writing an article about intervention in the social care field is to narrow the research question to a specific field of inquiry. The social care field is broad, and narrowing the topic to one aspect of the field is critical to developing a coherent theme or thesis for the article. For example, interventions in the field of social work may involve family participation. An intervention in the medical field may involve family participation and surgical intervention. Narrowing the field to one area of inquiry keeps the focus on the fundamental idea represented in the article.

Once the topic narrows to a specific field of social care, the next step is to define the personal interest in the subject. Introduce the topic using personal experience and provide an explanation of why the topic is necessary. Personalization is a great way to begin the article. Remember the audience for the article will be people who share the same interests in the subject. Introducing the topic with a personal experience is a great way to grab a reader's attention.

As a suggestion, think of the body of the article is like a funnel. Begin with a broad overview and gradually narrow the topic into a conclusion. Start with a broad overview, sometimes called in the field the "macro" approach. The macro approach looks at the field from historical and contemporary issues, emphasizing the diversity of opinion related to the topic. The body should include thoughts from prominent authors in the field and how they think about the topic.

Next, begin to narrow the topic to the key ideas. The transition from the broad research implications to a narrow focus on local issues is critical to the article. Readers want to know the author’s expertise in the field and how well the author is applying the current research to the topic.

The conclusion should engage readers on a personal level. Begin by briefly restating the introduction and explain how the conclusion affects current thinking on the subject. To the extent you are able, write as if you are conversing with a friend on the subject. The writer’s passion is reflected in the article and encouraging the reader to a call for action. The action may be to adopt a new method, discard an old method, or research further. Successful articles contain a call for action. A conclusion is a "micro" approach. It brings into focus the key ideas and themes of the article.

Just a quick tip: in general, readers read the first paragraph, skim the middle paragraphs, and read the last paragraph. While the meat of the article is the body, readers will most likely remember the introduction and conclusion. If the introduction and conclusion make an impression, they will go back and read the body closer to make sure they comprehend the facts. The audience will be people interested in the same subject as the article. They probably have a cursory understanding of the subject matter. A strong introduction and concluding paragraph will have a more significant impact than the research material supporting the position.

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