How would the United States Congress be different if three or four parties were represented there?

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If there were more parties, it would be harder for any one party to exert control.  Majority would not be a matter of getting a few more seats for your party.  Therefore, I agree with post 5 that alliances and negotiation would be necessary.  There might even be more focus on the issues and lesson on the party line!

It would force the body to compromise, as now there is always one party in control of Congress.  I like the idea, sort of like a Parliament, in that, with a large society like ours, minority beliefs and interests could still be heard, and not always ruled over by the majority.  I also think Congress would get more done than it does now.

Multiple political parties in the American Congress would certainly open the door for numerous alliances and coalitions that currently are not workable. For example, the Blue Dog Democrats are conservatives who differ strongly with their party's national leadership. As a result, if they enter into alliances with like-minded Republicans,...

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