How would you describe the characters in The Devil's Arithmetic:  Schmuel, Fayge, Yitzchak also Reb Boruch.

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In the book The Devil's Arithmetic Fayge is a young Jewish woman who is eagerly anticipating her wedding to Scmuel.  She has on her beautiful dress and is brought to the synagogue by wagon to her fiancé.  As they climb out of the wagon they are greeted by soldiers.  When they are told that they can not enter the synagogue and have to get in the trucks she is very distressed.  She calls out to Schmuel that their canopy is Gods, indicating that they are married in her and God's eyes even if they had not been allowed.

Fayge changes during her incarceration at the concentration camp.  She becomes depressed, thin, distressed, and shuts down.  Eventually, she just gives up hope and everything.  When Schumel wants to try and escape she won't take the risk.  She eve loses her feeling for him because she has become numb from all of the emotional pain and physical changes.

Schumel is a young and devout Jewish man.  He is dark haired and energetic.  He looks forward to his wedding.  However, he finds himself on the trucks with the Nazis.  He reacts with anger and disappointment.  Once in the camp he comes to realize that the only hope that he has is if he tries to escape.  He does this because he is courageous and makes the decision to leave even though Fayge won't go with him.

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