How would the novel To Kill a Mockingbird be different if the Finch house was not located on the main street?

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The novel To Kill a Mockingbird would be drastically different if the Finches did not live on the main street of Maycomb. Many of the memorable moments and important scenes take place in proximity to the Finches' home and include their neighbors, which are also important characters throughout the novel. Miss Rachel Haverford is Dill Harris' aunt who lives next door to the Finches. If the Finches' home was not located next to Miss Rachel's home, Scout and Jem might not have met their fascinating, imaginative friend. The memorable character, Miss Maudie, who lives across the street from the Finches, might not have interacted with Scout had she not been her neighbor. Maudie provides insight into the true nature of Boo Radley and describes other characters throughout the community. If the Finches did not live on the main road, Jem and Scout would never have walked passed Mrs. Dubose's front yard to be insulted, and Jem would have never destroyed her camellia bush. The significant lesson in true courage would have never taken place had they not interacted with their neighbor, Mrs. Dubose. When Tim Johnson walked down the main road, Jem would not have seen him, and the children would still think Atticus is talentless and boring. Most significantly, if the Finches were to live off of the main road, the children would not have known who Boo Radley was, and the entire plot would be altered. It is important to remember that Jem and Scout are only children. Children can only travel within a proximity of their home, which makes the location of Finches' residence significant and their neighbors important characters. Most of Scout and Jem's experiences take place in their yard, on their neighbors' porches, or a little ways down the road.

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