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How would someone describe Islam?

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Islam can be described in a number of different ways.  It looks different to adherents than to people who believe in other religions.  In addition, there are different views of Islam even within the faith itself.  Let us look at a few of the major aspects of Islam.

First and foremost, Islam is a monotheistic religion.  Muslims believe very strongly in the idea that there is only one God.  The declaration that “There is no God but God” is a major part of their creed and their religious practice.

Second, Muslims believe that their faith is a perfection of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  They believe that the actual word of God and the true religion was corrupted over the ages and that it was only restored to its proper form when Muhammad received his revelations from God.

Finally, Muslims believe in complete submission to the word of God.  The word “Muslim” means something like “one who submits to God.”  Therefore, Muslims typically believe in running their entire lives based on the teachings of their faith.   They tend to take their faith very seriously.

Where there are more aspects to Islam, these are some of the most important ways to describe the faith.

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