How would someone best describe the change over time in the "founding Era" (1763-1815)? Trying to get all aspects of the change in that Era such as: Government structure, voting rights, relations with Europe, Geography and borders, Economic Activities and class structures, along with the status of ethinic minorities and the status of women and children.

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So are you looking for one way to describe changes in all those areas?

Overall, I would say that the word "democratization" might be the best one to describe the overall changes.  The word certainly does not cover all the areas you mention (for example, it doesn't describe economic change much and it doesn't apply much to racial minorities) but overall it does kind of fit.

The word "democratization" at least applies to government structures, class structures and voting rights.  The government under the Constitution was without doubt more democratic, and voting rights were more widely given than they had been in colonial times.  Class became much less of an issue during this time, especially as you get later in this era and the Democratic-Republicans come to power.

I can't think of any other word or idea that can describe more of what happened in this era, even if my choice does not cover everything that was going on.

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