How does Sir Thomas Wyatt's poem, "The Long Love" compare to the Earl of Surrey's poem "Love, that doth reign and live" regarding imagery?

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Sir Thomas Wyatt's "The Long Love" and Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey's "Love that doth Reign and Live within my Thought" are very similar.

First, they are both fourteen-line poems, adopted from Petrarch's* 109th sonnet: each author writes a different version of that sonnet. (*Petrarch first wrote the Italian sonnet, which Wyatt and Howard adapted to English.) The poems are also alike in meaning. Wyatt and Howard not only present very similar themes, but the imagery is also similar; the two were closely aligned as writers. They also worked to translate the same sonnet in this instance—perhaps as a contest, which was not at all unusual for writers of the time.

It is important to note that Sir Thomas Wyatt is credited with introducing the Italian...

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