How would orphans' point of view on AIDS in Africa conflict with the drug companies' point of view?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Presumably, you are asking about children who have been orphaned by AIDS.  If so, their point of view would really have very little to do with that of the drug companies.  The two points of view are not really opposed to one another, they're just focused on very different subjects.

The drug companies, of course, are focused on making money.  They will want to sell their drugs to Africans or to African governments.  They will try to avoid looking greedy since they have public images to protect, but their main goal is to make money.

Orphans of AIDS will not really care whether the drug companies make money.  Unless they are very foresighted, they won't care much about preventing AIDS or anything else.  Their point of view will be solidly focused on trying to stay alive in very adverse conditions.  This point of view is not opposed to or connected to the drug companies' point of view.