Trouble Questions and Answers
by Gary Schmidt

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How would one summarize chapters 11 and 12 of Gary D. Schmidt's novel Trouble?

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To write a summary, we focus on the most important details.

In Chapter 11 of Gary D. Schmidt's Trouble, the most important details concern the fact that Henry faced conflict from his family for his plans to travel to Maine to climb Katahdin yet left without his family's permission regardless. In the minds of his family members, Henry going off by himself to climb a dangerous mountain he would have been climbing with Franklin is just inviting more Trouble into the Smiths' home. In addition, his mother can't bear the thought of the family being separated after Franklin's death:

It's not the time for us to be splitting apart. (p. 146)

Yet, in Henry's mind, the Smith family has already split apart. Therefore, at the...

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