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by Tom Stoppard

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How would one play the role of Fox Major/Hamlet in Dogg's Hamlet? Do you have any tips/guidance? I am performing "Dogg's Hamelt, Cahoot's Macbeth" for the Hertfordshire County Youth Theatre, and am unsure how exactly to approach the role. I would be very grateful if you could help me, as I am stuck for ideas!

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Fox Major wins every award the school offers, and is very proud of that fact.  He is the quintessential snotty schoolmate, who, of course, gets the lead in the play, just giving more of a reason for his classmates to hate him.  He should always speak his lines in the production of Hamlet as if he is absolutely confident that his pronunciations and inflections are correct and that others around him are wrong.  Of course, the audience will appreciate the fact that he is WAY off track.  It's a very fun role to play!

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