How would one integrate a geography and a history curriculum in the reading of The Devil's Highway?

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I am not a Geography teacher, but I would think that this excellent and deeply moving book would lend itself well to a discussion of elements of Geography and History. Certainly investigating the Devil's Highway, and looking at it from a perspective that analyses desert and the harshness of the conditions there could easily cover a number of aspects of physical Geography. Yet, in terms of human Geography, you might want to think about the wider themes of migration and movement of peoples and the social impact of such trends. This could easily be linked to studying History by looking at the relationship between the USA and Mexico and other Latin American countries and thinking about how the inequalities and power differences have been created, and indeed, how they are sustained today. In short, a bit of creative thinking could easily turn the study of this excellent text into a multi-disciplinary project encompassing Sociology, History and Georgraphy as well as Literature.