How would one describe Ophelia?

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Ophelia is a young female character in Hamlet. She is the daughter of Polonius, who is an adviser to King Claudius. She is also the sister of Laertes. Prince Hamlet has told Ophelia that he loves her, but both her father and brother, when she confides in them, warn her that princes are obliged to make marriages of state and thus are not free to follow their romantic inclinations. Ophelia promises to follow their advice and avoid Hamlet's company. Hamlet, in an effort to make his madness convincing, talks in a bizarre way to Ophelia, eventually rejecting her completely.

Ophelia is a somewhat naive, innocent, and sentimental young woman, who genuinely loves Hamlet but also wants to please her family. Caught between the machinations of Hamlet and her family, she eventually descends into madness and commits suicide. 

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