How would one describe Fortunado's character in "The Cask of Amontillado"?

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Fortunato is a rich and respected man who is proud of his knowledge of fine wine. This pride is what gets him into trouble. He seems to be rather insensitive because Montresor tells us that Fortunato has injured him "a thousand times" and yet Fortunato seems to have no idea that he has hurt his friend. His pride, coupled with his overindulgence of wine, leads to his death as he allows his friend to lead him further and further into the catacombs. Despite the fact that he is coughing and must have some kind of cold, Montresor is able to appeal to Fortunato's pride by constantly referring to Luchesi. By the time Fortunato realizes he is in trouble, it is too late. Montresor has changed him to a wall and no amount of pleading will convince his friend to release him.