A Separate Peace Questions and Answers
by John Knowles

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How would A Separate Peace be different if it was told from Finny's point of view?

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A Separate Peace would have been much different in the telling had it been told from Finny's point of view.  As a character, Finny offered a much more light-hearted view of both people and events; his perspective, if provided by Knowles, would have portrayed many of the events in the novel with much more focus on general goodwill and benevolence.  Contrastingly, as the novel is told from Gene's perspective, Gene views many of the other characters' motives and actions with distrust and suspicion, darkening the overall mood of the novel.  Ultimately,  the end of the novel would be dramatically different if told from Finny's perspective, because the way that Knowles uses Finny's death to shape and impact Gene's characterization

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