How would listening to a grandparent’s life story help the professional growth of an aspiring social worker

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Listening to a grandparent’s life story can help the professional growth of an aspiring social worker in very many serious ways. Firstly, the aspiring student social worker will be taught the importance of family background to every case he or she handles. This is because we now know, through volumes of recent research, that a child's first years are absolutely key to how it develops in later years, and this applies to everyone in that child's family too. A grandmother's early life experiences, even in babyhood, will probably go on to influene important things lke school achievement, abilty to form attachments and to initiate and sustain nurturing and lasting relationships, and contribute to building a warm and nurturing family .

Many family members with the same challenging background may exacerbate problems and risks for the child, For example there may be hazards such as anger management issues, substance misuse, alcolol issues or mental health issues. Listening to a grandparent's life story will help the social worker to build a picture of the child's likely family life experience and to see potential risks in that. Oftentimes families can get help with these challenges, but sadly many times that just isn't possible - at least not in time to save a child whose life gallops apace and who is developing qiuickly.