How would Jennifer Wright Knust respond to Dr. Gary Cass’s statement in his book The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed that the prophet Mohammed “was an insatiably lustful and sexually licentious man”? He writes that Mohammed was a sexual criminal, an adulterer, a pedophile, and a polygamist.

Jennifer Wright Knust would likely reply to Gary Cass’s statement that the prophet Mohammed “was an insatiably lustful and sexually licentious man” in his book The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed by noting that he is not the first person to use unverifiable religio-sexual insults as a way to justify violence and divine wrath.

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Based on her book Unprotected Texts, Jennifer Wright Knust is liable to respond to Gary Cass’s statement about Muhammad in his short e-book The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammad in a number of ways.

Perhaps Knust would tell Cass that there is no way to prove his allegations against the prophet. Religio-sexual attacks cannot be, according to Knust, “substantiated on the basis of biblical writings.” With that in mind, Knust could reply that Cass is not citing a fact, he is merely giving his opinion.

Knust then might reply that Cass’s opinion serves to justify violence against Muslims. In Unprotected Texts, Knust writes that religio-sexual insults “suggest that violence is legitimate, so long as it is directed against those whom God finds offensive.” By labeling Mohammad an adulterer, a pedophile, and so on, Cass seems to be trying to make the case that his Christian God would find him offensive, which could function as a way to authorize violence against people who practice Islam.

Thirdly, Knust might reply by comparing Cass’s statement to other statements issued by Christian figures. In her book, Knust quotes Reverend Jerry Vines, who describes Mohammed as a “demon-possessed pedophile.” Like Vines, Cass, in the words of Knust, “blames targeted outsiders” to account for the violence that people associated with Islam have inflicted upon America. Knust might contrast Cass’s and Vines’s strategy to the one espoused by Reverend Jerry Falwell. Falwell attributed the violent events of September 11, 2001 to Americans and their own lack of religion. In other words, Falwell blamed insiders.

Finally, if Knust was not limited to replying to only Cass’s book, she could reply that Cass is Islamophobic. Cass conferred this label upon himself in a 2014 article called “Why I Am Absolutely Islamophobic.”

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