How would I structure an eight-page essay on the book The Blacker the Berry that focuses on differences in Black experience in urban and rural spaces?

An essay about Black experiences in urban and rural spaces in The Blacker the Berry could be structured by comparing and contrasting types of space, by specific components of places, or by theme. Comparing and contrasting urban and rural spaces would emphasize general qualities of each type. In emphasizing specific components, a writer could detail individual areas such as New York. A thematic structure would focus on significant aspects of characters’ experiences, such as family, social life, and racism.

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There are various ways to structure an essay about The Blacker the Berry that address Black experiences as they differ in urban and rural spaces. The essay’s structure will depend on the factors on which the writer focuses. One possibility for the essay is a compare-and-contrast approach, in which specific characteristics of each type of space are analyzed for their similarities and differences.

Another way to structure the essay is by emphasizing the specific locations that would be classified under the urban or rural heading. Using this approach, the writer would identify the locations, such as Los Angeles and New York, that are considered urban, and identify shared or distinctive features. The writer would proceed similarly with the rural category, which largely pertains to Idaho. The subsequent analysis could include possible paradoxes, such as if Los Angeles has more in common with Idaho than with Harlem.

A third possibility is thematic organization that prioritizes Black experiences within the different spaces. Emma Lou is closely connected with her family in Boise, but her primary relationships alter when she moves to the city. Some of her expectations are fulfilled, but other aspects of her experience are not what she anticipated. The relationship between racism and skin tone is an important theme that connects all the locations, so a writer could examine how this affects the characters in the different places.

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