How would I complete a character profile for at least three characters in the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz?

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Refugee by Alan Gratz contains three plot threads about families fleeing war or persecution, each with a main character: the 1938 tale of Josef, a Jewish boy whose family escapes Nazi Germany; the 1994 tale of Isabel, whose Cuban family seeks to reach the United States; and the 2015 tale of Mahmoud, whose family flees war-torn Syria for safety in Europe. These three main characters would be the natural choice for character profiles. Each chapter of the book is headed with the name of the point-of-view character (Josef, Isabel, or Mahmoud), the year, and the location to help you follow the thread of their story.

Over the course of Refugee, you learn about the families of each character and the path they attempt to take to safety. Some characteristics to consider in character profiles are how each character fits into their family. Who is part of the family? What role does the point-of-view character play? For example, Josef lives with his mother and sister while his father is in a concentration camp. After his father returns to the family, Josef still feels like he has to be the man of the house because his father's physical and mental health have been destroyed. Isabel and Mahmoud both experience the loss of a family member as well. You could look at how this sort of loss changes the characters over the course of the book, or consider how the journey to safety itself shapes the characters of Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud.

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