Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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How would a happy ending ruin the book Animal Farm?

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If Animal Farm had a happy ending, leaving the rest of the novel the same, it simply wouldn't be logical. Snowball will still have been banished and Napoleon would still have taken an initially righteous revolution and turned it into a totalitarian society where the animals suffer just as much as they did under Mr. Jones. 

However, if we consider that Napoleon changes his ways, brings Snowball back, and tries to make the lives of the animals better, then this kind of happy ending does not really ruin the book. However, since the novel is an allegory of the Russian Revolution, it would be dishonest. And in this sense, a happy ending would ruin the purpose of the novel (a warning against greed and power) because the allegory would not fully represent the Russian Revolution on which it was based.

Also, since the novel is a warning about the perils of power and fascism, a happy ending would make that lesson less obvious. For instance, let's say that Napoleon went from bad to good; thus, he was...

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