How would I go about writing an expository essay through linking three passages together (the essay would have to be between 5-7 paragraphs)?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Expository writing has these requirements:

  1. Objective support such as facts, evidence, or examples.
  2. The use of unbiased and unemotional vocabulary and objective structures such as the use of third-person.

Now, as far as incorporating the three passages into an expository essay, it is difficult to consult the student without knowing what the topic is and what the passages are about.  However, there needs to be some unifying idea for these passages. Also, if these passages are to be used as support, then the essay can be arranged in such a way that the thesis is the construct for this support. For, expository essays explain concepts or inform readers about topics with the thesis as their bases.

The introduction should have a "motivator," a sentence or two that draws the interest of the reader. This is followed by the thesis which is a general statement of the main points that will be developed in the rest of the essay.  Now, in a five-paragraph essay, there are usually three opinions based on the general statements from which the writer develops the body of the essay, using each opinion as the basis of the topic sentences.  But, if the writer needs to write five-to-seven paragraphs, two paragraphs can be used to develop one of the opinions of the thesis.  In order to keep the writing coherent, the writer needs an explanation of the support (the passages) and a reminder of the opinion of the thesis in the topic sentences.  Of course, transitions are paramount to coherence, especially when developing one topic sentence in two or more paragraphs.