illustration of train tracks with low hills in the background and one of the hills has the outline of an elephant within it

Hills Like White Elephants

by Ernest Hemingway

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How would I employ explication on one of the elements in the story to analyze? i have to employ explication on one of the elements in the story and describe how i think the it made the story good or bad.

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Since "explication" means a detailed analysis, you'd essentially select one element of the story and take it apart to explain how it works for and in the story. Start by reading the story and paying attention to what interests you. Are you intrigued by the dialogue? By the setting? By the character development? Choose the one that interests you most, then go back through the story methodically and take notes on every small detail related to the element you selected. Note it, explain it, and tell how it contributes to the quality of the story. For example, if you were analyzing the dialogue, you'd look at the rhythm, the vocabulary, what is said and unsaid, how the lines spoken by one character lead into those spoken by the other(s), and so on.


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