How would drug companies' point of view on the issue of AIDS in Africa conflict with the point of view of the people who live with AIDS?

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The point of view and the interests of companies always come into conflict with those of their customers or potential customers.  This is even more true in the case of AIDS in Africa.

The drug companies, of course, are most concerned with making money.  This is what companies do in a capitalist society.  By contrast, the point of view of the people who live with AIDS is that they want the drugs that will allow them to live longer.  It does not matter to them whether they can afford to pay "first world" prices for those drugs.

So, what you have in this case is companies that have spent a lot to develop the drugs and want to make money facing off against people who are generally poor and are desperate to have the drugs for cheap.  This is a fundamental conflict in their points of view.

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