Call It Courage Questions and Answers
by Armstrong Sperry

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How would I describe the land Macau found in chapter 2 of Call It Courage?  

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After surviving a particularly savage sea-storm, Mafatu is relieved and overjoyed to see dry land on the horizon. Even his dog Uri is whimpering with excitement. But then he's had as rough a voyage as his young master.

It seems to take an eternity for the boy and his dog to reach the island, but the nearer they get the more this island appears to be some kind of paradise. It's a strange place, but wonderfully strange all the same. The island has a tall purple mountain peak stretching high into the sky. Mafatu's fascinated by it; the only land he's ever seen—Hikueru—was as flat as a pancake. And as well as the mountain, this strange island has a rich abundance of plant life, with tier after tier of rich green trees stretching from the shoreline to the foothills of the purple mountain. The island even gives off a beautiful scent all of its own, which makes Uri positively quiver with delight.

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