How would the criminal justice system be different today if the founding fathers had decided not to create a separate federal court system?

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I think that in some ways there are clashes in the jurisdiction of the two court systems, but in other ways they both keep each other honest.  The overlap in jurisdiction allows the two systems to work together when they can.  It is true that there are times when political or other considerations lead to disputes between local and federal investigations and trials, there have also been cases where the cooperation of locals and feds led to quicker or more appropriate justice.

I think that it is important for each state to be able to address issues that are unique to them take the issue of immigration like it or not the state of Arizona has determined that this is a problem they want to deal with in a specific manner. I think states have to be given that option.

I can see two ways the justice system would be different if the state and federal courts were in a unified system.

1) I think the laws now enforced by the federal government would be more unequally and ineffectively applied.  It...

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