How would a conservative reply to a call for more restorative justice? 

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Restorative justice is a concept that focuses on bringing all parties impacted by a crime together to repair the harm that the crime caused. Many conservatives would not support this form of justice.

Conservatives tend to view the Republican Party as the party of law and order. They tend to believe that if there are real deterrents for committing a crime, the deterrents will decrease the likelihood that the crime will be committed. They also believe that a person who has committed a crime should be punished for that action. They believe people should be put in jail for committing crimes that are harmful to society. Often, they will point to the decrease in crime rates in the 1990s and early 2000s as evidence that when people who commit serious crimes are put in jail for an extended period of time, the crime rate falls. Conservatives typically believe the concept of restorative justice is a trap that will harm the Republican Party. They believe restorative justice will not lead to lower...

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