How would I compare The Truman Show with Lord of the Flies using characters and themes?

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One point of comparison between both works is the examination of what is reality.  For example, in one of the critical moments of the narrative, Ralph offers a questioning of reality:  "If faces were different when lit from above or below—what was a face? What was anything?" To examine "true" nature  is a part of what drive Ralph.  The exploration of what is the true "essence" of an individual is also what drives the text. This same condition of questioning is a part of Truman's narrative.  From the opening frame when the camera light falls in front of his car, Truman is trying to figure out "how's it going to end" and what constitutes reality.  Just as Ralph tries to understand "what was a face," Truman wants to know "was any of it real?"  In both works, characters are forced to delve into what defines the nature and very essence of being in the world.

The capacity for good and evil is another aspect that both works share.  Piggy's penchant for science and harnessing it for good along with Ralph's "stillness" as well as the notion for harmonious and consensus based rule is set against the savagery of evil and Jack's hunt.  Good and evil is within the boys and the battle between both helps to define a significant part of the narrative.  Chyrstof, the creator, also possesses good and evil within him.  There are moments of tenderness and goodness evident, such as when he "pets" Truman while he sleeps. Then, there is the evil intrinsic to commanding greater storms in the hopes of weakening Truman's resolve to leave Seahaven.  The actos on the show are capable of good, but also of evil, as seen in Meryl and the other actors.  The battle between good and evil is a dynamic that is important to both works.

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