How would I cite, in APA style, information taken from eNotes?

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APA style refers to publication guidelines put out by the American Psychological Association. APA style is most frequently used in communications in business and scientific disciplines such as psychology, technology, and any business-related fields.

 Because of the many, changing, and varied types of internet sources available, APA recommends when citing electronic sources that you gather all the information possible about the particular source and find the closest model fitting your source as a template. For instance, APA has specific bibliographic guidelines for book entries and online journal sources, but may not have specific guidelines for some internet sources, such as eNotes.

When citing an eNotes article or contribution, you should look for the following information and record as much as you can find.

 —author, if that is available

—date of publication on the site

—title of article, answer, study guide, etc.


—retrieval information and link to entry

The goal of citing the source would be for the reader to be able to independently access that source for themselves. Keep that in mind when you are looking for information for the bibliographic entry.

When choosing a template for the bibliographic entry, you would find an APA guideline model closest to the source. For instance, if you are trying to list the study notes for Everyman as a source in your bibliography, a good way to do that would be like this:

Everyman Summary. Retrieved July 8, 2016 from eNotes:

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