How would the Ancient Roman clothes affect today's daily activities?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For the most part, Roman clothing would not have restricted the average person today as they went about their daily activities.  While Roman clothing was rather bulky and somewhat restrictive, most Romans led lives that were at least as active as our own.  This implies that the clothes they wore would not unduly hamper us in our daily activities today.

The basic Roman garment was the tunic.  Though the exact style of the tunic was different for men and women, this was something like a very long shirt or a dress.   Tunics were often belted, particularly for men.  A man wearing a tunic would have been able to do essentially anything that a man wearing long pants and a shirt could do today.  This means that Roman men were able to act as laborers, for example, without being hampered by their clothing. 

It is true that Roman togas and stolas (the female clothing that was in some way analogous to a toga) would have been very restrictive.  A person would not have been able to run around or do much in the way of physical labor while wearing these.  However, there are plenty of people today who wear clothing that is not suitable for running or for physical labor.  This would be similar to a person wearing a business suit.  Such clothes are not meant for physical labor.

Thus, the clothes Romans wore would not really have affected our ability to take part in our regular everyday activities.