How had Wordsworth developed his relationship with nature?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wordsworth had developed his relationship with nature through his poetry.  In stark contrast to Neoclassicist thought, Wordsworth believed that a spiritual quality existed in the depiction of the natural world.  Nature occupies such an important role in Wordsworth's work because he believes this is the location of true spiritual communion and where the evolution of the soul takes place.  There is a harmony where the dualism of human and divine is reached within the realm of nature.  The reverence of the natural setting in Wordsworth poetry is work, something that has to be developed and enhanced with each poem.  I think that this is how Wordsworth came to view nature and represented how he developed his relationship with it.  The nature element was not a setting or element of style.  It became a character in the poetry, a force that helped to bring about peace and honor in a time period that Wordsworth felt lacked it.  This relationship is developed through constant interaction with nature, in which new elements of the individual soul and subjective is revealed.  Through this, Wordsworth was able to construct and develop a relationship with the natural world that provided the best setting for spiritual elevation and transcendence.