How women are responsible for female foeticide?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question makes the presumption that women are responsible for female foeticide.  I think that there could be some level of credible refutation that could counter this.  I am not entirely comfortable with placing the blame at the feet of women because I cannot see how the conditions that permit female foeticide are the creation of women.  The socio- economic realities that help to "justify" female foeticide are that women born into the world are economic liabilities wth the issue of marriage and dowry.  Women are not and have not been in the position of power over these institutional elements.  I cannot see how women benefit in the practice of dowry.  The cultural traditions that might "encourage" female foeticide are also not the creation of women, as they do not benefit from this subservient distinction.  There are movements, especially in the rural parts of India, to vault the presence of women into being on par with that of men, which indicates to me that the practice of female foeticide is not something entirely done at women's behest and thus cannot bear full responsibility for it.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You can, of course, say that women are resonsible for aborting female fetsuses because, ultimately, they are the ones who must allow the procedure to be done to them.  However, this is not a very convincing argument to me because they can surely be forced to have the procedure.

You might also argue that women are responsible for accepting cultural ideas that say that females are worth less than males.  You can say that such an idea could not exist if the female half of the population really pushed back against it.  I do not know that this is truly a good argument, but it is more convincing than the first.

krishna-agrawala | Student

In general both the parents, that is mother as well as father, have equal responsibility for taking decision on the medical termination of frequency, which may or may not qualify as a foeticide. Thus prima facie, men and women should share equal responsibility for foeticide. However, investigation into the circumstances of individual cases may reveal the one of the two parents had been more instrumental in the decision. It may also turn out that one of the parent almost managed to have his or her against the desire of the other.

If I look at the situation in India in general, my assessment is that in cases where foeticides do take place. the mother is equally agreeable to it as the father. Thus I will say that in India women are generally as responsible for female foeticide as men are.