How are women presented in Wuthering Heights?

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Wuthering Heights was written at a time when women's rights as we now know them were virtually non-existent. Women were consigned to a subordinate role in society, expected at all times to defer to the men in their lives; their husbands, brothers, and fathers. Nevertheless, despite their social impediments, the female characters in the story still manage to display a good deal of strength and independence, each in their own individual way.

Of course, inevitably, there's a limit as to how independent these women can be. Even the wild, unruly Catherine is gradually tamed by society's norms. No longer able to roam free, she is confined to a stultifying, loveless marriage, with all the restrictions that that entails. This is simply one of many situations in Catherine's life in which she's been the victim of patriarchy. It says a lot about the status of women in society at that time that...

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