How is the windmill destroyed in Animal Farm and why does Napoleon blame Snowball?

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In chapter six of George Orwell's Animal Farm, we begin to understand just how hard the animals are working to make a go of things on Animal Farm. They are working hard, not only on the regular jobs which must be done on the farm but also to finish the windmill. To make matters worse, Squealer implements a cut in the animals' rations, though of course he couches it as a simple "readjustment" rather than the cut, which it obviously is. The building is a long, slow, laborious process, and without the mighty strength of Boxer, progress would have been virtually impossible. Despite the many hardships, the animals still believe that what they are doing will benefit them and are therefore willing to continue their hard and thankless labor.

Several changes happen on the farm in this chapter. First, Napoleon decides to begin trading with neighboring farms, and Mr. Whymper is now a regular presence on the farm. Even more significant, at least for now, is that the pigs take up residence in the farmhouse, something which was forbidden from the beginning, of course. What we see clearly but what is still hidden from the animals is that the pigs are growing more corrupt and human-like in their behaviors. This is not going to bode well for the animals, but for now things are relatively calm. Hard, but calm.

When November comes, the windmill is nearly half finished, and the animals feel good about their progress. One night there is a terrible storm. Tiles are blown off the roof, chickens are frightened by what sounded like a gunshot, a huge tree is uprooted, and the flagstaff has been knocked over. It was a mighty storm, and when the animals survey the damage, they are horrified to discover that "the windmill was in ruins."

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