How do Wilson, Tom, Nick, and Gatsby react to Myrtle's death in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby?

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George Wilson is completely devastated by his wife's sudden death and cannot maintain his composure as he proceeds to incessantly scream, "O, my Ga-od! O, my Ga-od! Oh, Ga-od!" while the police attempt to gather more information regarding the unfortunate incident. As Myrtle's body is being taken away, George remains in his office, swaying back and forth in a confused daze. George was obsessed with his unfaithful wife and planned on moving out west after he discovered that she was cheating on him with another man. George's dream of living a peaceful life out west with Myrtle was shattered the moment she died, and he struggles to compose his emotions after the incident. Once Tom informs him that Gatsby was responsible for her death, George vows revenge and proceeds to murder Jay Gatsby.

Similarly, Tom also becomes emotional after discovering that Myrtle is dead. Myrtle's death also shatters Tom's stable life, and he recognizes that he will be forced to adjust his lifestyle once again. In...

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