how will you determine a compound if it is inorganic organic acid base or salt?

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there are some destictions that we can consider in naming an acid whether it is organic and inorganic acid and base.

for acid

Inorganic: H is quite often written first (HCl, HF, H2SO4, HNO3... etc.)

Organic: it has an organic base (R group) and an functional group that can producce H+ (Carboxylic acids R-COOH, Sulfonic acids R-SOOOH)


for bases:

Inorganic: commonly a small type of compounds that can produce an OH, similar to inorganic acids. some have obviously OH's in their formula and others have to be reacted with water ...

NaOH, Ba(OH)2, LiOH...

NH3 + HO <-> NH4+  + OH


is an organic compound which acts as a base, ussually a proton acceptor. most of the common organic bases have N in theri compound which is easily be protonated due to the lone pair on N...


salts of inorganic and organic are the products of neutralization of reactions of acids and bases.

NaOH + HCl  ---->   NaCL + H2O  --> inorganic salts 

a combination of metal plus nonmetal


for organic salts, it is the product of the reaction of an organic acid with an inorganic base  OR organic base with an inorganic acid

for example

acetic acid + sodium hydroxide  ----->    sodium acetate  + water





hope this helps 



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